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Our Services

Pre-Sales Technical Consultation


We provide professional, total solution for products and services, help customer choose the best suitable products.


  1. Requirement analysis

  2. Technology Selection

  3. Suggestions for device installation 

Installation and 


We have official authenticated engineer to do the systems installation, adjustment and acceptance, this will help customer to make the device work as fast as possible.


  1. SPECTOR installation and acceptance

  2. Ion source installation and adjustment

  3. Angstrom products installation and adjustment

Service and Training

We can provide a total service plan to make the devices work in best status.  


  1. Inspection on peripheral devices

  2. Hardware setup check

  3. Tune the neutralizer and marching network

  4. Calibrate the ion source, target, fixture, GFC, OMS, etc

  5. Troubleshooting and localize the damage module, provide solution to fix it

  6. Material process tuning instruction

  7. Measure and calibrate the deposition / etching rate

  8. Uniformity adjustment

  9. Other technical problem solution

  10. Training: base on customer's requirement, mainly focus on maintenance, cleaning, proper use of hardware and software etc

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