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SPECTOR-Ion Beam Deposition System


The SPECTOR dual ion beam deposition system is the premier thin film deposition platform available today. SPECTOR is used in a wide variety of applications across several industries including, Telecommunications, Precision Optics and Compound Semiconductors. 

The SPECTOR system offers the customer full unattended tool operation through the SOURCERER control system and a wide range of hardware configuration options. You can select from several substrate fixtures to meet your research or production needs, including...


Ion Sources


  • World class ion source design and technology provides the broadest range of application solutions with over 30 different ion source options

  • Designed for high volume, low-maintenance operation

  • Easy to install, clean and maintain

  • State of the art power supply and plasma control techonology for stable and reliable operation

RF Gridded Ion Sources (Round and Linear)

Mark+ Series End-Hall Ion Sources

DC Gridded Ion Sources (Round and Linear)

Anode Layer (ALS) Ion Sources

SOLUS DC Ion Source Controllers

MBE Technologies

MBE Systems

We provides the industry’s broadest line-up of innovative and reliable molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems. 


MBE Thermal Sources

We offer the most comprehensive selection of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) sources, including single and dual filament designs. 


MBE Components

Engineered to exacting operational standards, and designed to provide highly reliable, flexible performance, we offers a complete range of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system components.

Angstrom Product Advantage


Magnetron sputtering technology has been utilized in production applications for several decades. The basic technology used to control process plasma within the deposition process is well established within the field; however the capabilities available to optimize process efficiencies, such as thin film uniformity, target utilization, and deposition rate, are continuously evolving.


Angstrom Sciences is focused upon the development of magnetron sputtering cathodes that optimize sputter process performance. The Angstrom Advantage™ is the collective set of technical and structural advancements Angstrom Sciences has designed into its magnetrons in order to provide its clients with the most control over their thin film deposition process.

Angstrom Magnetron Product


Angstrom Sciences’ magnetrons are engineered to meet stringent thin film uniformity, target utilization, and sputter rate specifications. In addition to the advanced performance results provided by the profiled magnets and turbulent water flow of the Angstrom Advantage™, Angstrom Sciences’ magnetron sputtering cathodes offer a host of other efficiencies.

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