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MBE Thermal Sources

High Temperature Source


For superior high-temperature operation, more stable beam flux


Excellent molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system source operation, for low-vapor pressure materials at temperatures up to 2000° C, is available through Veeco's High Temperature Source. This source uses only refractory metals in the hot zone of the cell, with insulating ceramics like PBN in cooler regions to prevent outgassing during operation. It offers fully replaceable tungsten filaments and heat shielding, a variety of crucible materials, and is regulated by temperature controller for more stable beam flux than electron beam evaporators. 



Dopant Source


Precise control of fluxes for epitaxial dopant constituents 


For precise and stable control of fluxes for MBE dopant constituents, or for an economical MBE gas source for gases that do not require thermal cracking, Veeco's Dopant products are ideal. 

Low Temperature


Epitaxial Equipment


Achieve accurate and consistent low temperature epitaxial source performance for a wide variety of MBE applications through Veeco's low temperature epitaxial sources. 

Medium Temperature


Epitaxial Equipment


Find a medium-temperature MBE source for virtually any application -- from specialized hot-lip SUMO sources to economical standard filament for thermal effusion.

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