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  • Up to 400% increased system throughput

  • 200% increase in lot size

  • Reduced time-to-process

  • Optimized tool geometry improves materal uniformity

  • Optical endpoint control on planetary fixtures for improved yield

  • Up to 300% target material utilization improvement


Planet Fixture: 



SPECTOR Broadband Optical Monitoring System (BBOMS)

SPECTOR Broadband Optical Monitoring System expands your thin film coating capabilities beyond quartz crystal and time-power end point control.

4 × 310mm 

2 × 400mm





The SPECTOR system offers the customer full unattended tool operation through the SOURCERER control system and a wide range of hardware configuration options. You can select from several substrate fixtures to meet your research or production needs, including:


  • Standard 4 × 200mm Planetary Fixture

  • High Speed Fixture Single Rotation

  • In-situ Flip Fixture

  • 2 × 400mm Large Area Planetary


In addition, SPECTOR offers the choice of three and four material water-cooled target assemblies offering a range of material deposition capabilities and in the case of the four-target assembly material scanning for graded index films. 


Any of these options can be installed in the field to allow your system throughput and capabilities to change with your business and technology needs. 

System Status Screen

System Status Screen

Optical Monitoring System
QUEST OMS (Broadband OMS)


White Light OMS

For maximum product flexibility, the broadband optical monitor and control package supports film designs from 400nm - 1000nm. The system is self referencing and performs a direct product measurement. Supporting both quarterwave and non-quarterwave film designs, the broadband OMS offers maximum product flexibility.


Laser OMS
A tunable laser based optical deposition monitor and control package. The laser OMS is fully automated and user friendly. Supporting both quarterwave and non-quarterwave film designs, the laser OMS enables extremely complex optical films including: DWDM, CWDM, GFF, AR/HR, edge filters and more.





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